Reliable Sourcing

  • Our extensive experience pays off for you when it comes to purchasing – We are happy to partner with you to source specific products so that all your needs can be aggregated under our roof. Rest-assured, we ensure constant
    market-oriented prices
  • Global Sourcing – We can help source products from top global chemical companies or help you discover a new vendor! Conversely, we also assist global companies in sourcing from India.
  • Application lab – We have in-house lab facilities which allow us to use our know-how to advise and support you with formulations and testing, while still maintaining confidentiality.

Warehousing & Value added services

  • We ensure availability of goods through storage of a broad portfolio and offer customized warehousing & financing solutions to ensure a seamless buying experience for our customers
  • Breakbulk – We offer products in various pack sizes tailored to your procurement needs.
  • Packaging & Labelling – We can provide palletizing, quality testing & repackaging (possibly with customer-specific labels)
  • Financing solutions – We work with you to provide customized financing solutions

Robust Fulfillment Logistics

  • We pride ourselves on being more than a listing portal – our logistics services are thoughtfully designed to improve your operational efficiency through real-time visibility using digital technologies.
  • End-to-end fulfillment – We source, manage and deliver your orders, providing you with a integrated view of your procurement function
  • Order Tracking – We provide frequent updates on order status through an intuitive customer dashboard

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