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Customer related FAQ

Chemical.Market is a leading online marketplace for all kinds of chemical products.

Anyone can buy chemical products from Chemical.Market. Since Chemical.Market has a verification process, the customer should have the following details:

1. Bank account for successful transactions.

2. GST registration.

3. Verified PAN.

Fill up the form above and submit. We strongly suggest you upload a brochure or company profile, as it will help our executives process your sign up quicker. We will then get in touch with you and schedule a visit and further our process of customer approval. Once approved we will start placing you inquiries.

Chemical.Market will be involved in any order successfully completed. The Partner will receive payments via Chemical.Market and be notified via email.

Your company can use Chemical.Market to both buy and sell chemical products.

Your company can register as both partner and customer. However, you are required to register as partner and customer separately.

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