Global chemical sales are growing

India Going From $178 Bn To $300 Bn Before 2030.


Global Going From $4.2 To $7.4 Tn By 2030.

But customer needs are unmet

  1. According to Accenture's 2020 Global Buyer Values Study, 46 percent of chemical companies' customers, would be willing to pay notable price premiums (at least 5 percent) if all their needs were met.
  2. 56 percent would be willing to make sizable increases (greater than 10 percent) in their purchase volumes.

Current Marketplace Solutions Are Incomplete

Producer owned marketplaces lack neutrality and therefore consumer trust is low.

Upstarts focus on SaaS models which lacks operational depth to fix logistical issues

Most don't consistently deliver services such as application lab, product testing, repackaging, logistics optimization.

Our Company

Chemical.Market is a one-stop digital-enabled service provider for the Chemical industry. We aim to streamline chemical procurement through intuitive digitized processes. As a reliable supply partner, we can offer customized procurement, competitive pricing and technical support.

Our product portfolio consists of chemicals suitable for a wide range of end-use industries including pharmaceuticals, construction and paints. We are rapidly expanding across categories, and we cater to customers both in India as well as overseas.

Reimagining Chemical Commerce

Customer Requirement

Our Expertise

Seamless order placement & fulfillment

Logistics optimization, order tracking, customer dashboard

Breakbulk & Custom packaging

Digital inventory management

Material availability & Pricing

Demand aggregation

Application lab services

Technical support / chat

Regulatory & quality documentation

Digital certificate of analysis

Leadership Team

Aaditya Sharda


Souvik Sengupta


Dharmin Desai

Bulk, Pharmaceuticals & Food

Deepak Kanitkar


Aaditya ShardaCo-founder

Souvik SenguptaCo-founder

Dharmin DesaiBulk, Pharmaceuticals & Food

Deepak KanitkarR&D

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